Thursday, June 11, 2009


Quick sketch of a character I'm doing for a short story... I've been drawing her for years, so it's kinda exciting. Hope whomever likes it!


adam jk gallardo said...

Todd, this is sweet.

On a sad note: your profile pic is kind of hideous. In a good way, of course.

flatelephant said...

this is sweet.

it would be better if it was hellboy or boba fett

or both

and it was hanging on my wall.

but thats being nit picky.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Nice to see something new after so long ... and she's looking good!

Have to agree your "profile pic'" isn't really you!

Most of your "portraits" are more true to life - how 'bout apply thing to yourself?? CJND

BROCASSO said...

Another excellent drawing! I hope you'll be at the comic con selling a sketch book..

Todd Demong said...

Thanks! I reckon I might be at the con... Just gotta book me a flight....