Wednesday, April 03, 2013

sketchy sketches

So, these next few will be kinda old but:
a) I've been meaning to post them for a while and
b) I'm lazy and this allows me to update the blog without doing any extra work (or minimal extra work)

Anyhow, a couple years ago me and the Wife were taking our marriage prep course so of course instead of paying attention we doodled, and many of them turned out surprisingly well.  I just got around to scanning them in today.  I no longer remember the chronological order of these so this is simply the first of the bunch that I'll post...  All done with a bic pen and boredom!


darren-s said...

You took a marriage prep course? What did you learn?

Todd Demong said...

We did. Marta's family is Catholic so it was required. Learned stuff about Jesus and what he thinks about marriage (according to some). But there was a couple good segments, one by a marriage counselor and another about finances...

However, if your question was tongue-in-cheek then my response is "nothing! Screw the Religion, amiright...?"

ifeel Edu said...

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Todd Demong said...

Wow! A new comment! It's been a while, thank you, seriously! I rarely if ever post here anymore, so if you'd like to follow, check me out on Instagram at TOADSSTOOL or on Tumblr at TOADSCOOLSTOOL.