Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So, I'm not much of a doodler. I really need to know what I'm going to draw before I do; creating a little story in my head even if it's only for one drawing. My buddy Scott Underwood is a fantastic doodler (as well as an all round tremendous artist). He has this ability to kind of start with any line or squiggle and make it into something funny and interesting. So, in honour of Scott, and also to try working some muscles that I never do, I too tried just drawing without thinking. This here's one that I quite liked! Here's to you Diggs!



scottdiggs said...

I AM ... HONORED! And you even called me your buddy! I am getting wispy!
I like the doodle-keep it up Demong!
And thanks for the comments over at my blog, I know you're dying to ask so I'll relieve you..YES I will oblige you and participate in a "Pipe Nose Mae/100 Girls" crossover OK? She can fight Sylvia with her...pipe-nose or something. Clearly an idea that will skyrocket both of us to successes we never believed to be possible. We might even get to be intimate with Paris Hilton...on that note, she will then probably agree to play Pipe-Nose Mae in a blockbuster film of the same name...which we will have to ultimately pass on because her acting skills are just not right for the Pipe-Nose Mae character. Mind you, I did quite like her film "One Night In Paris" That was pretty good.

SPARKLES said...

Cool dog.I had to read a short story about an overweight golden retriever in class today.

Ur blog is cool.