Wednesday, October 25, 2006

mmmm... monster...

This here's a guy that's going to be in the next series of 100 Girls. He actually came about from a pin-up one of Adam's friends did for us in issue 4 of the first series. We both liked it so much that we wanted to use it in one of the stories. So here's the original pin-up, done by the highly talented Ben Stenbeck as well as my stylized bastardization. Hope you like one or both of 'em!



Anonymous said...

I was at the Portland Comix show tonight and while it was slow I was pecking away at the plot for the next 100 Girls arc. It's inspiring to see this guy come to life!

BTW, I met two people tonight that you know from up yonder Canada way. A gal named Clio and a fella whose name I didn't catch who said he plays hockey with you. They said to say hi.



Anonymous said...
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scottdiggs said...

Isn't Pipe Nose Mae going to be in the next series of 100 Girls?
hahaha let's hope so.
Wicked drawings by the way